EAG Consulting is a green building consultant group comprising of building physics specialists, services engineers, building simulation specialists, Quantity surveyors, lifecycle costs analysts and waste management experts. We offer a range and complete suit of services related to sustainable building and green building certification. Other than general advisory services for sustainability such as developing viable sustainable design forms, solutions and strategies and incorporating into projects, the team actively utilises state of art simulation analysis and modelling to optimize overall energy and environmental performance of buildings, features, urban spaces and masterplans. The team members' expertise and experience include the ability to work collaboratively with all stakeholders and project team members. The team has particular expertise in CFD modelling, energy modelling and day lighting analysis capabilities. We promote an integrated sustainable design process starting with a sustainable design workshop / charrette. Our group strongly believes in the fast and effective integration of building analysis and empirical data into sustainable design process and empowering sustainability and analysis through strong visuals that can have an impact on strategies and affective communication into all aspects of a project. READ MORE


Addressing the increasing need for research and consultancy on green building issues in new and existing buildings and masterplan developments, EAG provides a range of services including consultancy and pre-design analysis, assisting architects and engineers to make the right decision, the first time, including.. READ MORE